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County Recorders can unwitting accept fraudulent property documents

June 2009


County Recorders can unwitting accept fraudulent property documents

One of the growing concerns for county recorders throughout the United States is the increase in property fraud. To prove the point about how easy it is to perpetrate this kind of property fraud, the Daily News in New York stole the Empire State Building as a prank last December. They did return it.


TravelCalling All Travelers! New Passport Rules


There is good news for those with international travel plans!  Effective February 1, 2008 there are four noteworthy changes to the process for obtaining passport applications. Take a look!


OpenStarting a Business in San Mateo County


Starting a Business in San Mateo County?

We’re proud to introduce a new guide to help people contact appropriate government agencies, file statements, pay taxes and find out what regulations may apply to their business.  Since no two businesses are exactly alike, requirements vary widely.


This publication has agency names, phone numbers, addresses and website to help you officially open the doors to your business, and the online links are active!


Parcel MapSplitting or Combining Parcels.


Splitting or Combining Parcels. Forms Now Available online.

Any San Mateo County property owner can request that their parcel be split or combined with other parcels that they own if an APN can be described/delineated by existing parcel and/or lot lines and the parcels of land in the opinion of the assessor can be redefined without compromising ownership, tax rate areas, general use and assessment of the land.